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Big Condo Records is an independent record label based in Liverpool, established in 2015.
‘When words fail, music speaks.’
We have a passion for developing artists and bands.

Big Condo Records is an independent record label based in Liverpool, established in 2015. The label started with hip-hop and soul artists, then moved into R & B, acoustic, pop music and indie. We currently specialise in all genres. We love music and the artists. Big Condo Records has put on over 400 shows in the northwest and the UK, also touring regularly and putting on some major headlines by releasing music and supporting artists and bands.
Big Condo Records has thrived to be as big as Atlantic Records and has seen dramatic growth over the past 5 years. As Big Condo continues to break records and develop every year, we can't wait to see what Big Condo has to bring in 10 years.
If you are an artist or band and you're looking to get involved with Big Condo Records, contact us through our contact form and we will gladly help you out.

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Big Condo Records ''We The Label''

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Shopfront release debut single (maybe this halloween)

Shopfront release their debut single  "maybe this halloween''. which has been exclusively played on KCC Live 99.8 fm. The single launch party was hailed a success at Friars Court, Warrington on the 20th October. The official music video is dropping on the 27th October and you can watch that on youtube. We are expecting airplay on FM stations worldwide, we cant wait and you can purchase an exclusive first listen here at our record shop on the Big Condo Records website.

The Glass Skies ''Skylights Forever'' Tour is hailed a success.

Big Condo Records ventured on tour for the recent release of The Glass Skies EP, Skylights Forever. The band did an 8 day tour, performing in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Stoke, Liverpool, Warrington, Leeds and Sheffield. The tour was hailed a success after completion. The band performed to over a thousand people and made new fans in every city, town they played in. Skylights Forever the EP is out now on spotify, go and stream it.

Zenith sign deal to be the next big band on the label.

Zenith sign to Big Condo Records, the long term commitment to the future is laid out in a legally binding document. Having a record deal is defining difference between a band who are just “having a go” and one actually doing it “for real”. Zenith have been working on there craft for 7 years and it's now time for them to take it to the next level. 

Whats in store, they have 2 EP's ready for release under Big Condo Records and 2024 is going to be a big one, with launches and tours.

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Big Condo Records

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