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In the Press

All the Latest Big Condo Records News

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Kiera Marsland featured in ASBO Magazine.

ASBO Magzine caught up with Kiera Marsland to review music and see what she’s got planned for the rest of 2024.

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Mugn interviews Charliee to see how she's settled into Big Condo Records.

Mugn Interviews Charliee about how her career has taken off since signing to the label.


Big Condo Records ranked 26th best record label in the UK.

The U.K. is the pulsating soul of many of the world’s most vitalizing, cerebral, and radical genres and musical acts. 


An interview with the best independent label.

Celeb Fans Magazine interviewed Big Condo Records to talk about what's planned for the future.


Medium Magazine interviews Zenith on the 5 things you need to shine in the music industry.

Zenith are interviewed by Gurensly Honroe, on the 5 things you need to shine in the music industry, check it out, great answers.


London Music Magazine interviews Royzy Rothschild.

Ace, the writer and reviewer, hits Royzy Rothschild up for an interview, talking about all things related to his new single and what's next on the journey.


The Glass Skies with Jamsphere Magazine, 20 Questions.

Jamsphere interviewed The Glass Skies with 20 Questions and the new single Honey.

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Review Zoo, reviews Christy Myers ''Wallow and Hide'' 

Christy Myers Vocals are like poetry, fixated on every word, they’re clear and stylish and when the backing vocals join in, the vocals are like caramel and ooze style.

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Ninji Magazine interviews Charliee.

Ninji Magazine hits up Charliee for an interview, talking about all things related to her new single Lose My Mind and what's next on the journey.




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