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Big Condo Records was founded in 2015 by Royzy Rothschild who is a massive music fan and A&R enthusiast. The passion for artist development made Big Condo Records the home for young upcoming artists and bands. We have a massive passion for artist development and the long term careers of established artists.


Big Condo Records for equality & diversity

Big Condo Records is committed to encouraging equality, diversity, and inclusion among our workforce and events and eliminating unlawful discrimination. The aim is for our workforce to be truly representative of all sections of society and our listeners, and for each employee and customer to feel respected and able to give their best and have a good time.
Big Condo Records is also committed to not discriminating against clients or the general public when delivering goods and/or services and/or facilities.


Big Condo Records against racism

Language is an extremely powerful tool, allowing us to generate ideas, share stories, communicate our perspectives, and learn from others. A single word can evoke hatred or hope, fear or friendship, power or peace. We support equal human rights and civil rights. We support policies, systems, and structures that reduce racial inequity. We support all cultures worldwide and promise to promote the arts. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, mental and/or physical ability, socioeconomic status, age, and more. This diversity brings together different perspectives that may not exist within some organizations. We believe in equal opportunities and will not tolerate any form of racism whatsoever.

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Big Condo Records in the community

Big Condo Records loves to give out opportunities to new and upcoming artists, bands, and long-career artists too. We like to work with community music organisations and have a number of affiliate partners within the industry, from event promoters to festivals and other record companies.


Big Condo Records Philanthropy

Big Condo Records is a big supporter of local Liverpool and world charities. Over the past 9 years since we set up, the label has helped loads of charities raise money and awareness. We have helped James Bulger Memorial Trust, Rasa Merseyside, Roof Liverpool, Help The Homeless, Alderhey Children's Charity, The LCA CIC, Children's Cancer Research, The Ocean Clean UP, Garston Animal Rescue, KIND, Positive Futures and more.


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Big Condo Records ''What we look for in an artist!''

Our philosophy is that we need to love the artist or band. The artist must be unique and in their own lane. We also like to work with hard-working bands and artists too. The new music industry landscape makes it really hard to break a new emerging artist, and we believe the band or artist should be working just as hard, if not harder than the record company to help build and develop their fanbase. The artist should also be good at social media content creation, posting regularly and building relationships with their fanbase, and be good at taking advice and knowing what direction they want to go in. Interested in becoming a Big Condo Records artist?


Send demos to


Big Condo Records events

Big Condo Records is one of the UK's leading event promoters. We have a summer weekender called the Big Condo Records Weekender. We have our pioneer showcases; Refreshment is a mixed-genre quarterly showcase. Bandzilla is our quarterly indie/rock band showcase. We have Echo's of the Future, which is a multi-genre band event. We have a quarterly acoustic event called "Sounds of the Acoustic", as well as mixtapes, EPs, album and single launches, private events, and a number of major headlines throughout the year. Would you like to perform at an event? Contact us through our contact page.

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Big Condo Records Youtube channel

It's official, we finally have our own YouTube set up after 7 years. What to expect? Behind the scenes footage, exclusive interviews, music videos, event coverage, and so much more. Who can feature on our official YouTube? It's going to be awesome with Big Condo Records artists and affiliates, musicians and acts who work closely with Big Condo Records.

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Big Condo Records ''recording studio vocal tips!''

Drink up to 8–10 glasses of pure water every day. Warm-up your voice regularly. Take vocal "naps". Get adequate sleep. Do not smoke anything when recording. Or if you can't smoke at all. Use your microphone properly. Develop and practise good singing techniques. Develop a speaking voice to go with your singing voice. Most importantly, listen to your voice. Drink warm drinks before getting into a recording booth.

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Big Condo Records Radio Show

The inaugural Big Condo Records radio show in partnership with Islington Radio, Islington London, Co hosted by Phil Beale and Royzy Rothschild, aired on Wednesdays 7pm. Everyweek the Big Condo Records radio show features all independent artist's with the latest music and regular interviews, advice and whats going on at Big Condo Records.

We also have the show available via Spotify so if you have missed an episode live, you can still tune in. go subscribe, or better still, if your an artist or band Email:

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Big Condo Records Podcasting

The Big Condo Records Industry podcast hosted by Hayley Jayne Brown is released on YouTube every Tuesday at 7pm. We also have the Through The Speakers Show which premiers on youtube, Co hosted by Phil Beale and Taylor Jay Williams, aired when available. The Big Condo Records Industry podcast show features all independent artist's with the latest news and what they have been up to, advice and whats going on in the industry. The Through the speakers podcast is for label artists at Big Condo Records.

We also have the show available via youtube so if you have missed an episode live, you can still tune in on youtube. go subscribe, or better still, if your an artist or band Email:

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Big Condo Records Private and Corporate entertainment, Functions, Festivals and Parties

Welcome to Big Condo Records for private and corporate entertainment. We provide our music artist's and services for corporate events across the UK. All our bands, musicians and artist's are available for corporate and private entertainment.

Getting the right corporate music theme is key for your event and what better way to do It than booking an original artist or band. Hosting a memorable occasion with great corporate live entertainment will leave a lasting impression with your clients and leave positive long lasting memories. Why not work with a record company, everyone goes for cover and tribute bands, lets go for something unique and special for your occasion with original music and acts. Inquire now

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Big Condo Records Weekender

All roads lead to the Big Condo Records Weekender as Big Condo offers something for everyone, from punk to rock to the fiddle loving flat footer, the music unites all in the Northwest of England with big and beginner acts alike. The Weekender happens every June and features over 100 acts with 9 stages or more across multiple venues in Liverpool City.  The festival is 100 % independent and has become one of the more favourite festivals within Liverpool City.

The Gigseeker Takeover, our collaborators Gigseeker have taken over with the Gigseeker app, you can see whos performing at what time on what stage, how awesome is that.

How to apply ?, you can apply through the Amplead app. we look forward to seeing you enjoy yourself at Big Condo Records.


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